Samurai 7s

March 21st 2020

Asia Pacific Football TournamentAfter the success of the first Samurai Sevens, we will continue to hold this event during Cherry Blossom season in Yokohama. For the 2nd edition of this event, we hope to feature 24 ~ 30 teams in 3 age groups
We will be updating information here & on our facebook page on a regular basis.

  • When: Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd March 2020
  • Time: 10:00~16:30 (Open Category will take place on March 21st from 13:00~19:00)
  • Where: Yokohama Country & Athletic Club, Yamate, Yokohama
  • Rules: The Samurai 7's follow FIFA rules with just a few exceptions, click here.  
  • Cost:  Regular fee :U$600 per team. Teams will only be confirmed once they've paid the full amount or a U$100 non-refundable deposit to hold their place.
  • Categories/Teams:
    • ​Open: British Embassy FC, SV Wacker Durchsaufen, Kilamanjaro FC (Tanzania), Peru FC, Aurora FC, FC International, FC Thursday Ohashi, FC Nomade, French Kiss FC (Hong Kong),
    • Over 35s .  Oito LSC (Jpn), F-League O-30 FC (Jpn), Shane FC (Jpn), Celts Legends(Jpn), Jarum FC (Malaysia), Real Romeo FC (Malaysia), Toto's Titans (Thailand), BTDT FC (Hong Kong), Sao Vang JP FC (Vietnam),
    • Over 45s* ​: Footy Japan Masters (Jpn), International Ronin FC (Jpn), Jubilee 678 (Hong Kong), ADB FC (Philippines), Swiss Old Boys (Int), Shirogane FC (Jpn), 
    • Teams will be signed up (and put in BOLD) on a first come first served basis when paying , please contact
      *see rules for exceptions
  • Sponsors: Adidas Japan    Club 360


  • 開催日: 2020年3月21日(土)22日(日) 

  • 時間: 13:00  ー 19:00 

  • 会場: 横浜カントリー&アスレチッククラブ (山手・横浜)

  • カテゴリー: 35歳以上、 45歳以上

  • 7人制 (12人まで登録可)

  • お問い合わせ先