Robert Walters TOTW MATCHDAY 12

Announcements - November 8th 2018


Before Saturdays game Eastern Capital had started their debut season well with 2 victories and 1 defeat. At Shin Suna they faced a King George team that was unbeaten in this calander month! 

The game started on a beautiful evening and Eastern Capital were on the front foot. Knocking the ball around like they had played together for years. 

They took a deserved lead through a fine move with Kazuki Kodama striking the ball well into the bottom corner. 

By the time KGFC had time to kick off it had started to rain, the KGFC subs did well to put every ones bags undercover. 5 minutes later ECFC attacked down the right flank and as the ball got crossed in, a KGFC player slipped which left the Eastern Capital Captain Naoki Yamamoto free to control the ball and make it 2-0. 

Half time and shock on the Eastern players faces as their bags had gone. It was soon explained that their bags had been moved to a dry zone.

The 2nd half KGFC huffed and puffed, a goal was scored and was the comeback on? No was the simple answer. Eastern Capital kept it tight at the back and held on to the 3 points. A victory that puts them joint 2nd. 

Congratulations to Eastern Capital for their maiden Robert Walters TOTW.