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FC Nomade

Established 2013



FC Nomade is an international football team based in Tokyo. The team joined the TML for the 2022/2023 season and immediately won a promotion to Division 2. It aims to become a strong, organized and a well established team of the Division 1. The team tries to bring the best of European and Japanese football together to create a unique chemistry and winning style. Members are former players from Japanese Leagues, American Colleges, Japanese Universities, but also currently attending Universities or High Schools. It is the prime team for talented International High Schools players wanting to prepare a College Soccer career or simply play competitive football in Tokyo. The team manager is always recruiting new members. Contact: fcnomade@p-and-i.jp


Light Blue
Light Blue
Light Blue
Light Blue


Nicolas Dhuez (Manager/Head Coach)Kevin Le Bras (Coach)


fcnomade [at] p-and-i.jp

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