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TML 21 Award Ceremony

Despite having a late start to the season (started end of September), the season is looking to wrap up on June 15th.

Looking at all the past seasons recorded from TML8, this is the earliest the games have finished. Fortunantely this means matches will be avoiding the most dreaded hot summer days.

We will have an annual end of season party as always down at Hobgoblin where the participation of it will be mandatory for the captain/or designated proxy. Teams...

Announcements - May 10th 2024

Last round of cup and plate games before the finals!

The ESR FJ Cup and Plate games have had their fair share of upsets and what's left of the rubble are 4 teams in the cup.

The Semi-finals are Eastern Capital vs BEFC on one leg, Zion vs Brunello on the other. The only Division 2 team in the cup semi-finals, Brunello have had an amazing run. Beating Yeboiz (current 2nd place in Division 1) in full time 3-1 and then beating Pumas (current 1st place in Division 1) also in full time 1-0. At this point, they can just...

Footy Japan Cup - May 5th 2024

JD10, a legend laid to rest

The death of Footy Japan's founding partner and ex British Football Club captain Jonathan Day has sent shockwaves across the international footballing community in Tokyo, especially coming so soon after the loss of referee Kazu.

Jon was brought into the BFC at the turn of the millenium by me (Sid Lloyd) then BFC captain, in what was the start of a great friendship. Together with Jon's brother Rob & my wife Paco, we planned the overhaul of international amateur...

Announcements - March 14th 2024

Upset caused by YCAC

Brunello have been absolutely smashing it this season. I've seen three of their games and they are mostly the same players since two years ago. So either they've begun to click together or someone needs to be checking them for doping! Their football is clean, crisp passing football netting them great results so far and looking on track for promotion to division 1. They've even managed to take out Pumas in the cup game, a task that can't simply be chalked up to luck....

Announcements - March 5th 2024

Farewell to a legend of TML

The sudden death of Masakazu Urushiyama has come as a great shock to the international football community of Tokyo. Kazu, as we all know him, has been an integral part of Footy Japan Competitions since the start of the League back in 2004. He has been our longest serving referee, officiating over matches in all 21 seasons and also childrens matches for British Football Academy. His friendly manner, unbiased officiating and humbleness to admit when he was at fault ('My bad!') made him a favourite amongst many captains and players. Without his dedication to football & refereeing, travelling to far off pitches in all weathers to take charge over 22 players who question or moan about every decision, the Tokyo Metropolis League would have struggled to complete all the fixtures in many seasons. He has helped bring & nurture new referees in the league and will leave a void that is difficult to fill. He will be hugely missed by everyone involved in the league and FJ competitions. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, children and grandchildren. May you rest in peace Kazu.

Announcements - February 6th 2024

A fiesty Zion falls short to Hibs

Typically Japanese teams in this league don't have the "fight" in them compared to a lot of the foreigners. And sometimes this does make or break the results of the game. Zion have traditionally been a Japanese side but have recently become more fiesty, mostly because of their two foreign players, Jorge and Dino. Frequently, Jorge can be seen (or rather, heard) screaming at his team mates to fight for the 50/50 ball and to aggressively try to take a shot rather than...

Announcements - February 5th 2024

First batch of the ESR FJ cup full of surprises

Some rain last weekend but fortunantely nothing too heavy to flood the pitches used.

10 cup games were played over the weekend, with various surprising results.

Nomades put up a valiant effort against Hibs but the kings of TML prevailed in a 2-1 victory with both goals scored by the Japanese R9, Kan Ujihashi. Most of the other Division 1 teams won their games comfortably including Pumas and BEFC. However, a shocking turn of events for FC International and...

Announcements - January 26th 2024

Coldest games of TML21 season!

It's been a relatively warm season. The December and January months has been free of snow... until last weekend!

Arguably one of the coldest fixtures of the year with thunder in the background and snow falling down. Miserable weather but the field was in playing conditions, therefore the games went on! These are the type of games were a mysterious illness will often take over the TML with many faint hearted players claiming a sudden change in their health or plans...

Announcements - January 17th 2024