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Who said ‘those who can’t, teach’? British Football Academy coaches prove this wrong!

Saturday saw us hold the 4th edition of our Charity Football Day. It’s always a logistical challenge holding two completely different tournaments within the space of 8 hours.

This year we were raising money for 2 Charities. We welcomed TRACOS this year who help teach disabled children and Adults the beautiful Game. We also continued our long tradition of raising money for...

Match Reports - May 30th 2018

A Hiro’s return for Collezione FC

It was all change for the Summer edition of our Soccer 7s. A new location, different sized goals and the 3 goal bonus point scrapped from the rules page.

With Cricket being played at YC&AC, the 7s moved to St Marys the home of Albion Old Boys. Leading up to the tournament the main worry was the different sized goals. A few possible ideas were sent to the Captains but we decided to change...

Match Reports - August 19th 2017
Pumas FC,BFC Tokyo,British Embassy FC

A Battle to the End, FC International vs Hibs for the League Title.

TML did a job by scheduling a top of the table clash to determine this year's champion. FC International and the Hibernian did what was needed in their penultimate matches.

The table topping Hibs eliminated the goal difference issue vs. Imperio while International earned a tight victory over the 3rd placed Panthers. To wrestle the title from the table toppers, FC International would have to win by at least 5 goals. International started well, retaining possession...

Match Reports - June 14th 2017
Hibernian FC,FC International
Match Winner: Winston Pool

Last-minute Winner puts a Spring in KGFC's Step

When non-footy people ask how we keep going after soul-crushing, debilitating 7–0 defeats on bitter-cold January nights, the answer is days like these.
Match Reports - April 2nd 2017

In a match solely for pride, Grønsund’s goal was enough to secure victory for BFC Vagabonds.

BFC Vagabonds 1 King George FC 0 Hachioji Park, Sunday May 22, 2016

Due to Saturday’s result, in which Syu Syu Aoyama FC defeated British Embassy FC 3-1, BFC Vagabonds’ relegation was assured and they would be joining King George FCin Division 3 for the upcoming season. With both teams playing to stay off the bottom of the table, it was a match lacking in goal scoring opportunities if not effort.

King George started the brighter of the two sides as they...

Match Reports - May 26th 2016
The Bling

Tachikawa01 break through the wall to secure cup glory

NewYear Soccer 7s: Saturday 9th January @ YC&AC

The most common expression I heard on Saturday morning apart from the standard ‘Happy New Year, How was your Holidays’ was “I can’t wait to start burning of the extra pounds I gained over the festive season.’ With that in mind, it was obvious that everyone was going to run hard, tackle hard and then hit the wall! Judging by some of the Knockout Round results this...

Match Reports - January 13th 2016
Season 13,New Year 7's

Vagabonds defensive solidity holds while scoring issues continue in draw to Dutch FC.

BFC Vagabonds 0 Dutch FC 0 Komoba Sub Ground, Saturday 24th October 2015

A week off from the pitch didn’t do much to change the fortunes of the Vagabonds at either end of the pitch as they continued to limit the opposition to a few clear shooting chances. However it will be of some concern that they haven’t managed a goal in the last two matches and rarely troubled the opposition goalkeeper throughout the match.

The match opened

Match Reports - November 2nd 2015
Season 13,TML,Dutch FC,BFC Vagabonds
Syu Syu Aoyama vs BFC Vagabond

Defensively organized Vagabonds hold free scoring Syu Syu Aoyama to a 0-0 draw

BFC Vagabonds 0 Syu Syu Aoyama 0 Shigaku, Saturday 10th October 2015

Although unable to make their chances count, BFC Vagabonds were able to hold Syu Syu Aoyama scoreless throughout the match, something that hadn’t been done since last season. Coming into the match Syu Syu were averaging over six goals a game and the Vags were averaging nearly four a game, so the game stood poised to be a high scoring affair, but an early kickoff and a number of injuries seemed to...

Match Reports - October 19th 2015
Season 13,BFC Vagabonds