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Established 1994


The British Embassy Football Club enjoys football in many forms and at different levels. Dating back to 70s Japan, BEFC was re-established in its current form in 1994 joining the Tokyo Metropolitan League on it's formation in 2002 where it continues to play today. While the club's history is based around the British Embassy it is not exclusively for Embassy staff and certainly not limited to Brits. Indeed we currently have a membership including more than 25+ nationalities.

BEFC is a football club and our Division 1 team is also joined by our Ladies team, Division 3 team and Futsal team who also play together in 7s, futsal competitions and friendlies. At BEFC is an opportunity to compete at whatever levels suits your inclination or ability. The Division 1 team for those who want to play in a serious and competitive manner and enjoy the challenge of trying to win as a team.

As well as regular 11s, BEFC has one thing other clubs in the TML do not have, an all-weather 5-a-side (futsal) court in the Embassy grounds in central Tokyo with practice sessions there every Wednesday. We also practice park style football with two official 9-aside sized goals on Sunday afternoons by Futako Tamagawa.

BEFC is about good relationships through sports and being the best you can be - as a person or a player.
Feel free to contact us if you're looking to become part of an active club and not just a team.


TML 1 Division 2 Champions 2004, TML 1 Cup Runners Up 2004TML 4 Division 2 Champions 2007, TML 4 Plate Runners Up 2007TML 6 Charity 7′s Plate Winners 2009, LT Nagano Champions 2009TML 8 Plate Champions 2011, TML New Year 7s Plate winners 2011, LT Nagano Champions 2011TML 11 Summer 7′s Plate Winners 2014TML 12 Summer 7′s Plate Winners 2015TML 14 Division 2 Champions 2017, TML 14 Charity 7s Runners Up 2017TML 15 FCJ Cup Runners UpTML 16 Division 2 Runners up


BEFC Home Kit
BEFC Away Kit


Wednesday 19:30 - 21:30 British Embassy, Hanzomon | Sunday 17:00 Futako-Shinchi (Park football)


Nils Simon (Embassy FC Captain)Tsukasa Katase (Embassy Vice Captain)Timothy Witvliet (Embassy Vice Captain)Ben Palmer (Club Captain)Keith Crowley (President) Jorge Marenco (Treasurer)


befc [at] britishembassyfootballclub.jp

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