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TML 22 to begin August 31/Sept 1

Despite having a late start to the season (started end of September), the season wrapped up the earliest it has in the past decade (June 15th). It was a compact season, with the cooperation of teams getting their games played (instead of forfeiting/rescheduling). The new season will begin on the weekend of August 31/September 1st!

We've presented the Season 21 awards to the winners on July 6th listed below:

Referee of the year goes to...

Announcements - July 24th 2024

Chance to watch Premier league teams live in Japan

If you've ever wished to watch a premier league club play, today is your lucky day! Two premier league clubs will be playing J-league teams and here is your chance to watch them live in Japan! If you're a fan of Hotspurs or Newcastle, a must watch match!

↓Below is the link to the brochure↓

J League E Brochure

Announcements - July 17th 2024

Zion salvage their season with the ESR FJ Cup Championship

It's been a rough season for Zion this year in Division 1.

Their relegation was already determined a few months ago. They've let in the second-most goals and have only managed to scrape 9 points this season. In fact, they have more wins in the ESR FJ Cup than in their regular season this year! But alas, such is the cup. Every team has a chance of winning it.

The two finalists for the ESR FJ Cup this season were Eastern Capital FC and Zion FC. For ECFC,...

Announcements - June 16th 2024

TML 21 Award Ceremony

Despite having a late start to the season (started end of September), the season is looking to wrap up on June 15th.

Looking at all the past seasons recorded from TML8, this is the earliest the games have finished. Fortunantely this means matches will be avoiding the most dreaded hot summer days.

We will have an annual end of season party as always down at Hobgoblin where the participation of it will be mandatory for the captain/or designated proxy. Teams...

Announcements - June 10th 2024

Shane conclude their season with a spectacular win

With a few of their players injured, Shane had barely enough for their game against Jetro. Starting with 11 with a player joining later, it was looking like Jetro had the upper hand with their 14 players before the game started. The game did seem to start that way, with Jetro having some great passwork but no strong finish. However, it all changed after 20 minutes, with a goal from their leading goal scorer Kodai Takano. After this goal, Shane gained immense momentum and...

Announcements - May 26th 2024

Fussa approaching one step closer to promotion

This sunday Fussa and Jets faced off down at Redsland. An Important game for Fussa as they are on the edge of getting promoted to division 2. Fussa were very motivated going in.

Shunsuke Tanuma scoring the opening goal of the game within the first 5 minutes, and continued to mount the pressure. They attained a penalty (of which they missed!) and couldn't quite get their second goal... a testament to the amazing performance of the Jets goal keeper. However,...

Announcements - April 28th 2024

Achilles Heel Exercises to prevent Injury

The team from our partners Club 360 (@club360_eng) are back with some injury and performance tips. This post provides some tips for dealing with pain in the achilles region. The first tip, accurate diagnosis, is perhaps the most important. Unlike with runners, where pain in this area is usually an achilles problem, in football players, the kicking action often causes what we term posterior impingement which requires a very different management strategy. If you are dealing...

Announcements - April 20th 2024

JD10, a legend laid to rest

The death of Footy Japan's founding partner and ex British Football Club captain Jonathan Day has sent shockwaves across the international footballing community in Tokyo, especially coming so soon after the loss of referee Kazu.

Jon was brought into the BFC at the turn of the millenium by me (Sid Lloyd) then BFC captain, in what was the start of a great friendship. Together with Jon's brother Rob & my wife Paco, we planned the overhaul of international amateur...

Announcements - March 14th 2024