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Robert Walters Team of the Week (May 15)

The Robert Walters TOTW goes to YeBoiz FC, after their win over Suns FC!

Things are exciting in Division 2 where the top 7 teams all have a chance of getting promoted. This makes the results of the last few fixtures extremely important for the teams involved.

Currently sprinting in the top is Suns FC, with 11 wins and only 1 draw and loss. The current favorites to win Division 2 this season. On the other hand, YeBoiz need to win all their remaining games...

Announcements - May 15th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (April 30)

The team of the week goes to Guts SC, after their win against BFC Vagabonds! Thank you to all the teams that played on Golden Week, it helps massively to get even a few fixtures out of the way.

Guts SC and BFC Vagabonds was bound to be a close game, with Guts in 9th and Vagabonds in 10th place.

Guts unfortunantely did not have their usual Goal keeper which BFC Vagabonds capatalized on. They scored three early goals. One of them being a goal that the...

Announcements - May 3rd 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (April 24)

YCAC may have had the toughest climb for the cup to get to where they are. Having to face off against FC International in their first round, they won the penalties after a 2-2 draw. They next beat Dutch FC and were matched against Nepal United in the cup quarter finals. As a Division 2 team, they've already done very well beating FC International. Even if they lose against Nepal United, one could say that they had a very good run in the cup.

Nepal United were...

Footy Japan Cup - April 27th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (April 19)

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Guapo FC after their win in the plate game against Shane FC.

Guapo are a new team in the league that have joined this season. Their league run has been tough, currently in the bottom three of Division 3. However their cup/plate preformance has been very solid so far.

They were placed in the plate by losing to Hibs (very close game but ended in a 3-2 loss). Guapo then won against BEFC Lions 3-0. They faced Shane...

Announcements - April 18th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (April 2)

Some surprising results this weekend. Real Celts qualify to the semifinal after beating King George with 10 players. Fussa FC played BFC Vagabonds and despite going down 2 goals, they make an incredible comeback and score 3 goals in the last 30 minutes to win their league game. Brunello also made a comeback in their league game against Jetro after Jetro's goalkeeper got sent off due to a deliberate handball outside the box.

However, this weekends Robert Walters...

FJC News - April 6th 2022
Clash FC

Robert Walters Team of the Week (March 26)

An exciting weekend for the FJ Cup!

A close game between BFC Vagabonds and Albion Old Boys with both teams fighting right until the end. Albion Old Boys proceeds to the next plate round where they will face Sagaramatha FC or FC International. YeBoiz played an excellent game against FC Panthers, moving the ball and dominating possesion but not getting the finish off resulting them getting knocked out. FC Panthers will face either Hibernian FC or Kanto Celts for the...

Footy Japan Cup - March 28th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (March 19)

The Robert Walters team of the week goes to Brunello over their win against Dutch FC

Both teams were mid table in standings, with Dutch FC sitting at 14 points and Brunello sitting at 12 (9th place)

The two teams faced off at BST Nagasawa Sports Ground with the weather conditions being less than ideal. Cold temperatures and heavy rain fell down during the game but that didn’t phase Brunello FC. They wanted to clear themselves out of the relegation line and...

FJC News - March 24th 2022