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Robert Walters Team of the Week (Sept 17)

The typhoon forced some games to be cancelled but fortunantely some matches were able to go ahead.

This is the fourth week of the TMLQuite a lot of draws have been picked up by teams this season. Perhaps this indicates a more level playing field in the TML (hooray to the restrictions of cross division players)!

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Kilimanjaro FC who have debuted their season with a win. A team composed of mostly players from various...

Announcements - September 20th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (Sept 10)

Quite a few teams were able to get their first game out of the way on the third weekend of TML 20.

Nomades played their first TML game against BFC. One of the newest teams to join the league vs a team that has been participating in the TML since its inception. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, a result that perhaps favors Nomades. Trust United FC also played their first game against Celts. Led by captain Tokoi Shintaro, a former Hibs player, Trust United put on a...

Announcements - September 9th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (Sept 4)

The second week of TML20 was a busy one! 9 fixtures scheduled (of which 3 were cancelled ) but still 6 games went on. The next few weeks will continue to be busy, with up to 11 fixtures (meaning 22 teams) playing on a single weekend! As teams go out and enjoy their football, FootyJapan would like to express it's gratitude towards ESR for their second season of sponsorship. They have been instrumental in assisting FootyJapan provide it's football to the TML community....

Announcements - September 5th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (August 27)

There was no question which team earned the season’s first Robert Walters Team of the Week. 5 games were played, all in kanagawa prefecture. YeBoiz clenched out a nail biter of a win against Dutch FC, Panthers scored a pair of goals against a silent Sala, Fussa and Clash both dominated their games.

Eastern Capital put on a stellar performance against FC International with an 8-3 victory. One of the few teams that had training matches over the off season,...

Announcements - September 2nd 2022

YeBoiz start the season with winning the summer 7's

With the first fixtures of TML20 on it's way, YeBoiz have been putting in their work throughout the off-season. They've been actively looking for new players, inviting them to futsal and football sessions. It was no surprise they attended the summer 7's hosted on August 20th, down at BST.

The tournament had a healthy turnout (despite a three teams dropping out due to covid). Freshly renewed BFC, newcomer to the league Kilimanjaro, 7's tournament first-timers Guapo...

Announcements - August 23rd 2022

TML Season 20

July 3rd had the final fixtures of TML19 played. The captains meeting was held that very night. The meeting consisted of talks about the league, mainly focused on manager duties and rule changes to the league. The start date of the new season was also mentioned, which will be on the weekend of August 27/28. The will be the leagues 20th season. It goes without saying that the landscape when the league was first formed has radically changed. However the vision has remained...

Announcements - July 9th 2022

Robert Walters TotW (July 2)

Two big games this weekend down at BST.

Fussa FC vs FC International for the plate finals and Zion vs Hibs for the division 1 championship.

Zion vs Hibs was a highly competitive but good spirited game. With a goal difference of over 10 between the two teams, it was unlikely for Zion to win the league as they would be tied in points even if they beat hibs. Regardless, both teams treated the game like the finals... Zion did beat Hibs earlier in the season so...

Announcements - June 29th 2022