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When BFC Tokyo was founded nearly 40 years ago it had very strong links with the British Embassy. As the club grew so did the Embassy and a new team was formed. British Embassy FC has been going for some 23 years.
Like any Premier League Derby these days...
Announcements - October 14th 2017


After relegation from Division 2, Dutch FC have looked the part in Division 3. First match they drew with FC Sagarmatha who they may battle it out with for the Division 3 title. They then defeated Vags.

On Sunday they travelled to Fukuda Denshi to play BEFC Lions. For the first 60 minutes, the match was a tight contest with Dutch being 2-1 up. Like Man Utd...
Announcements - October 8th 2017


The final match of last season saw Barbarians relegated after 3 solid seasons in Division 1. It's always tough to regroup after going down but Barbarians have been superb so far this season.

Saturday evening saw them play Jetro FC. Conditions were perfect for a free flowing game which Japanese teams like. The opening few minutes saw Leo Kotani score his 4th goal of the season. By half time Barbs were 2 up courtesy of a Keita Nishimura goal.
Announcements - October 2nd 2017


If you have ever played or watched Sala FC play then you would have certainly heard this man shouting at the oppostion, the ref or at his own players. In recent years he has found the love of his life and he has mellowed. Not a single booking last season has made him the ultimate gentlemen on and off the pitch....

TML Interview - September 26th 2017


In November 2009 French and Irish relations were at an all time low. Thierry Henry handball had sent France to the 2010 World Cup at the expense of the Irish team.

Ever since two men have been trying to mend this frosty relationship. Sebastien Gaboriau & JB Noe are their names. They have risen through the the Kanto Celts Football Club ranks from players to now player managers of Kanto...

Announcements - September 23rd 2017
Kanto Celts FC,Real Celts FC


The build up to the 4th weekend of TML action was dominated by the threat of a typhoon. As the Typhoon was slowly moving it's way up Japan, Komoba Sub Ground saw some lightning quick play from Pumas FC.

Swiss Kickers had defeated Pumas in both league matches last season and were looking to do the same again. Pumas were determined not to give Swiss 3 league victories in a row. Pumas have reecruited a few new players over the Summer by using the power of social...

Announcements - September 16th 2017


After a difficult start to Division 2 life last season SUNS FC were determined to kick off this campaign in style against Division 2 newbies Guts SC.

With a few new Suns players doing the not so uncommon mistake of heading to the city of Hachioji rather than the pitch in Satiama, they kicked off with 10 men. By half time they found themselves 2-1 ahead and up...
Announcements - September 10th 2017