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Robert Walters TotW (January 22)

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Suns, after their hard-earned win over Hibs.

After their win over Eastern Capital back in September, Suns FC have struggled to see a win. Having just faced another tough loss the week before in the ESR FJ Cup against YeBoiz, Suns were determined to change their sails. And what better place for a team to take a new direction than Atsugi Cancha, a new pitch for TML and with Noguchi Naoya, a class 2 licensed new ref for the...

Announcements - January 24th 2023

Robert Walters TotW (January 14)

The ESR FJ Cup kicked off it's first round of games with mixed results. Pumas, Dutch, Hibs, FC International, YCAC all proceeded to the next round after beating their opponents in a lower division. There were three cup games that stood out. FC International vs Jetro, with Jetro's Ryusei Ota completing his hat trick in the final minute to tie the game 3-3. FC International did eventually come out on top after the penalties. The second game was BFC Tokyo vs Sala FC, with...

Announcements - January 17th 2023

Robert Walters TotW (January 7)

Jetro FC kicks off 2023 with a banger of a win to earn the Robert Walters Team of the Week. After a long xmas break for the TML, the very first fixtures of 2023 was kicked off at YCAC on January 7th 9:00AM by Jetro FC and King George. Jetro's season has been riddled with ties (4 in total) putting them just above King George by 2 points. As the standings table indicate, there is a far smaller gap in points between teams allowing each game to truly be competitive. This game...

Announcements - January 11th 2023

Robert Walter Team of the Week (Dec 17)

The final fixture of 2022 occured at Hachioji Park between two teams with a serious shot at winning the league.

A very competitive and physical game in which BEFC took an early lead through Keita Kasai. Fun fact, Keita actually played on Panthers previously making this a goal against a former club. The first half ended with no new developments, a single goal lead by BEFC parted the two teams. Early into the second half, Panthers scores an equalizer. As tempers...

Announcements - December 27th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (Dec 4th)

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to FC Nomade after their win over Saitama Jets at Redsland. Right from the start, FC Nomade knew this was going to be an uphill battle. They only had 10 men on the day and were facing a full squad of Saitama Jet's regular players. With much of the french players motivated from a so-far decent run of France in the worldcup, FC Nomades played above and beyond. Surprisingly the game started off immediately in FC Nomades pace. Each...

Announcements - December 12th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (Nov 27)

This weekend saw the debut of the Kemigawa pitch down at Chiba. A venue run by Tokyo University, it hosts several natural grass pitches.The teams found out that the grass was slightly long, perhaps providing a disadvantage to teams that like to play short passes.

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Shane FC after winning against BEFC Lions. With an unfortunate dropout, Shane were left with 10 men to play against BEFC Lions with a full squad. A worrisome...

Announcements - November 28th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (November 19)

A very tough week down at the Footy Japan offices, where we have lost the ability to get matches played at the prized BST pitch. We once again would like to remind all the players that the pitches are not owned by us, thus everyone at such venue should be on their best behavior.

This weekend yielded some interesting results. A draw between Eastern Capital and Hibernian FC, where Eastern Capital had the lead until the final minutes of the game until Sukui Ono tied...

Announcements - November 21st 2022
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