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Robert Walters TOTW13 + TML Allstar Futsal

This weeks (cause clearly this is a weekly thing) Robert Walters Team of the Week is YCAC!

They played Dutch FC, who are currently in the third in Division 2, at YCAC on Sunday. YCAC are infamous for their slow start. A team that hardly warmsup and always seem to be laid back. Yet they somehow manage to go even with Dutch in the first half with a 0 - 0 score. Things really started to pick up once Masato Fujii (YCAC) came on in the second half. A shot from half way...

Announcements - September 29th 2020

Robert Walters Team of the Week 12

A big TML weekend with 8 games played! Aaron Balogh, one of leagues veteran refs completed his 600th TML game. Enormous mile stone accomplished!

Coming back from a 5 month break, Real Celts beat YC&AC 3-1. This is their first victory after 6 months of no wins! Hopefully Real Celts can gain some momentum from their third win of the season!

In Division 3 Saitama Jets stopped Albion Old Boys 6 win streak in Saitama. Albion Old Boys have been on a...

Announcements - August 23rd 2020

Robert Walters Team of the Week 11 + State of TML17

Hopefully everyone has been staying safe during this pandemic. I know many people have been going "bat"-shit crazy after months of not having any football!

With the state of emergency lifted, TML games has resumed. Below is the following email sent to all the captains to let them know about the state of TML Season 17:

"As of June, some pitches have re opened, some have decided to remain closed.

Upon receiving my June pitch updates,...

Announcements - June 7th 2020

Japan’s Most Successful European Exports

Japan’s Most Successful European Exports Credit - By Axel Schwenke - , CC BY-SA 2.0 Football is one of the most popular team sports in Japan, along with basketball and baseball. The Japanese national team could be considered a success having featured in every World Cup since 1998, with a second-round finish currently their best effort. In that time,...

Announcements - May 19th 2020

Samurai 7's

In midst of the corona virus looming over Japan, the international Samurai 7's 2020 went ahead on March 21st. A beautiful sunny afternoon welcomed 12 teams to the YCAC pitch.

Group A had British Embassy FC, Aurora FC, FJ Masters, F-League O30 FC, Robert Walters & Friends, Kilamanjaro FC Group B had Peru FC, FC International, Oito FC, Toma's Peons, SV Wacker Durchsaufen, International Ronin

A wide array of players from TML clubs made...

Announcements - March 23rd 2020
FC International,British Embassy FC

Robert Walters Team of The Week 11

With the current events happening, several pitches have closed down. Hachioji closed down for the entirety of March, thus Fussa vs Brunello and Albion Old Boys vs Jets was moved over to Shigaku.

The hottest fixture of this weekend was the division 3 match between first and second place, Fussa (1st) vs Brunello (2nd).

The first time these two played, it was in August at Shibuya Sports Center. 4-0 for Fussa, a lopsided victory for the base boys.


Announcements - March 17th 2020
Brunello FC

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines everyone!

What better way to spend valentines then to check up on your loved ones. I am of course talking about the TML website.

Over the past 3 weeks, 2 big mile stones have been accomplished.

1) Saitama Jets have had their first victory since October 2018. A 19-game winless curse was finally ended. Not only did they get a clean sheet, but they won by 6 goals over King George FC. With that, Saitama Jets have pulled themselves out...

Announcements - February 14th 2020