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The saying goes 'Can teams do it on a Cold and wet Wednesday night in Stoke', The TML has a few equivalents, 'Can they do it on a cold and and wet Saturday night in Fukuda Denshi or a cold and wet Sunday morning in Shin Koiwa.'

Well Eastern Capital FC can do it on a cold and wet Sunday morning in Shin Koiwa and Nepal Utd cannot.

Before KO Nepal Utd were 5 points clear at the top with Eastern Capital in 3rd place and 7 points behind the leaders....

Announcements - March 6th 2019

The Back of Bates, a Sayonara Swansong!

Mid March will see James Bates finish as Operations Manager of the TML:

It was over 10 years ago that a young James Bates first came to our attention. This mid-field dynamo (his words not mine!) who’s sliding tackles from over 10 yards would often start before a player even knew he was getting the ball, was teaching English out in the boonies dreaming of working in the Tokyo international football scene. When Pete Swinney announced his departure, James was...

Announcements - February 28th 2019


When clicking on their team page it's clear to see that the BFC Vagabonds are one of the inform teams in the whole of the TML. LWWDWW, impressive stats that has elevated them from the lower regions of the Division 3 table to now promotion candidates.

Their latest victory came from a convincing 4-1 victory over KGFC. Sid Lloyd scored a smashing free kick after 5 minutes but Vags were back level minutes later.

KGFC were not at their best it seemed and from...

Announcements - February 27th 2019


Like so many teams who start the season well in Division 2, many of them drop off in the second half of the season. Is it because the teams realise how tough it will be in Division 1 or it could be that their main players are ski and snowboards enthusiasts?

Suns FC looked like they had promotion in the bag this time last year before a strong run from Musketeers and Lions meant that they ended just missing out on promotion.

This season has seen...

Announcements - February 19th 2019


What an eventful Saturday it was in the TML. A morning game at YC&AC where it snowed. Once the final whistle was blown the league was busy canceling a match in Tokyo. 4 more TML matches to be played. Forecast showing that the snow had passed so game on.

With all the games confirmed on and one stubborn Operations Manager the remaining games were all played. The unexpected snow from 15:30 certainly made it testing conditions for all involved.

A big shout...

Announcements - February 12th 2019

Hamstring Injury Prevention Part 1

Cold weather + A rubbish warm = Injury

In recent weeks many players have been going off injured during matches. Please remember to warm up well and use some of these wonderful stretchers from Club360.

Announcements - February 5th 2019


As the results came in on Saturday evening I was fairly certain who I was going to award this weeks Robert Walters TOTW to. Hibs had defeated 2nd placed Kanto Celts 2-0 and were now only 2 points away from the league leaders Pumas FC.

Fast forward 24 hours and my head had been turned. I received referee Aaron's email and it read Pumas 3 FC International 1.

The victory has put Pumas FC 3 points clear of Celts and 5 clear of Hibs and FCI. 9 Cup Finals for...

Announcements - February 2nd 2019


Last Sunday's game was a crucial turning point for the BFC Vagabonds. Losing last week's game but still gaining the points because of an unregistered player, there was mixed emotions for this 3rd division team.

This win puts them third in the division. With a possible promotion to the 2nd division one placement away, the Vags are pumped up and ready to work through any obstacle, whether this is the opposition or the environment.

On a cold and windy evening...

Announcements - January 27th 2019