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ESR FJ Cup and Plate Finals this weekend!

The finalists for the ESR FJ Cup and Plate have been determined.

Brunello and Jetro played in the semi final last week to qualify for the finals and the game seemed like a one way boshing from Brunello. Brunello carried a 3-0 lead until Jetro scored 2 rapid goals in the second half closing the gap to only 1 goal. However Brunello tightened up their defence in the last 10 minutes and packed in another goal to finish the game 4-2. The Plate finals will be Brunello...

FJC News - May 16th 2023


As some teams start preparing themselves for the upcoming Golden Week, the TML pushes on its games. A hug plate match occuresd between Clash and Sala where Clash come out triumphant in a 2-0 victory. Clash have qualified into the finals where they will be playing either Jetro or Brunello.

Another very pivotal match happened this weekend down at YCAC between Panthers and Eastern Capital.

Eastern Capitals last game of the season, playing against the current...

FJC News - May 1st 2023

Robert Walters Team of the Week (April 2)

Some surprising results this weekend. Real Celts qualify to the semifinal after beating King George with 10 players. Fussa FC played BFC Vagabonds and despite going down 2 goals, they make an incredible comeback and score 3 goals in the last 30 minutes to win their league game. Brunello also made a comeback in their league game against Jetro after Jetro's goalkeeper got sent off due to a deliberate handball outside the box.

However, this weekends Robert Walters...

FJC News - April 6th 2022
Clash FC


The final Cup draw of the season.

FJC News - March 13th 2018
BEFC Lions,British Embassy FC,BFC Tokyo,Pumas FC,FC International,Swiss Kickers,Zion FC,Imperio FA,Sala FC

FJ CUP 1/4 Final Draw - VIDEO

With Sid away it was time for me to step up and attempt to upload and edit the Cup Draw. Not our greatest production!!

FJC News - January 26th 2018


After 10 FJ Cup First Round matches we have seen two Division 1 teams lose to lower division opposition.

Prior to the weekend I thought that Panthers and BFC Tokyo could slip up against Dutch and Fussa respectively. I was wrong. Panthers thumped Dutch 9-0 and BFC narrowly defeated Fussa....
FJC News - November 18th 2017