TML Interview - April 6th 2018


Name:  Manuel Ramirez

Nationality: Peru

Number of years refereeing in the TML? 2 seasons

What is the highest level of football you have refereed at?
I refereed for 3 years in Yamanashi and now the TML. At University I studied FIFA’s RULES and did a Referee Course. ….And never imagined it will so helpful in my present life!

Have you ever played the game at a decent level? What position did you play?

I played in high school and i was a regular player for the state team. (In Japan it would be the ken’s team). I started to play Amatuer but soon got promoted to to Puru’s 2nd division where I was nominated for ‘Rookie of the Year award.’

In Japan I played in the Yamanashi Kai organisation.

What makes refereeing in the TML so special?

The TML for me is just a Little U.N., for Worldwide football`s lovers….And everyone  is so passionate, good players and inside the pitch they turn into some kind of “Football

warriors”… The league is very organized and all the referees are really nice people.

Favorite venue to referee at and why?

YC&AC as it’s closest to my house.

Do any games in particular live long in memory? If so which one and why?
In this year and a half that I have been a TML Referee, I have seem some spectacular matches, some of them very good, others played full of passion. There are so many of them that it is impossible to me to choose just one.

Best player you have seen play in the TML?
Their are too many to choose just one!

Tell is some amazing facts or interesting experiences you have lived through?
I was born in the hottest place in Peru, The Port of Lima.
I Started to play football before I can even remember!  Lima was a violent place when I was young. Football gave me and my friends a bubble where we could play and dream and enjoy life!

Any other comments?

Finally I want to give a big thanks to all persons (managers, players, fans, referees) for giving to me the chance to be part of this spectacular league.