Robert Walters TOTW + Cup/Plate Draws

Announcements - March 22nd 2021

A few turn of events occured on the weekend of March 20th/21st.

With BFC Vagabonds forfeit against Saitama Jets, it solidifies Brunello and Clash FC as the two teams getting promoted. Eastern Capital have also guaranteed a first place finish in Division 2 with the second place team being a toss up between Dutch FC, YeBoiz FC, Nepal United. Division 1 winners are also still up in the air with FC International, Pumas FC and Hibernian FC.

By far the biggest news was the outcome of YeBoiz FC vs BEFC Lions (FJ Plate quarter finals)

YeBoiz are currently fighting to get promoted to Division 1. They would need to win at least 3 games and hope Nepal United don't accumulate too many points to secure second place.

BEFC Lions on the other hand are currently last place in Division 3, with only 4 wins in the regular season. On paper, this looks like a mismatch of epic proportions.

The game kicked off in good weather at YC&AC. The start of the game goes in favor for YeBoiz FC. Beating several BEFC Lions players before shooting from out side the box, Mouri Yusuke (YeBoiz) finds the bottom corner of the goal. A brilliant solo goal early on and YeBoiz do well to hold onto this lead for the majority of the game.

With 10 minutes remaining, BEFC Lions start going more on the offensive. Tired legs and the increasing attacking pressure from BEFC Lions cause YeBoiz to commit a foul just outside the box. Akito Shimizu (BEFC Lions), who also plays for YeBoiz in the regular season, stepped up to take a free kick for BEFC Lions. Akito Shimizu, who plays for BEFC/YeBoiz/BEFC Lions is frequently seen on the match sheet... for yellow cards. Although he has never taken a free kick from scoring position for YeBoiz or the BEFC first team, today was different. He fires one off top corner, an excellent kick that equalises the game.
As YeBoiz dubb Akito "Judas" on all social media platforms, the game comes to full time at 1 - 1. The match would have to be settled by penalties.

BEFC Lions miss the first two, yeboiz score the first and miss their second. Just like in the game, YeBoiz get the early lead... and just like in the game BEFC Lions catch up by scoring on their third penalty. YeBoiz could not bury their third penalty meaning the penalties have now entered sudden death mode. With only 2 goals scored from 6 penalties between the two of them, this was anybodys game. BEFC Lions score the first of their sudden death penalty... the first time they've tooken the lead in this match up. YeBoiz FC, still shocked by Akito's betrayal, miss their last penalty ending this game with a BEFC Lions victory.

BEFC Lions have now made it to the plate semi finals along with Kanto Celts and Real Celts. Only one more fixture remains to complete the quarter finals (K2 vs BFC Vagabonds)

The cup has also made most of it's way to the semis, with BEFC, Pumas, Hibs qualified and Lions/Nepal United fighting for the last spot.

If BEFC and BEFC Lions both win the Cup and Plate respectively, that would make history!

Here are the Cup/Plate Draws for the semi finals:

Congratulations to BEFC Lions for winning the Robert Walters team of the Week!