Samurai 7s Rules

Tournament Rules

The Samurai 7's follow FIFA rules with just a few exceptions below:

  1. The pitches will be approx 62m X 37m with 12m GK area and FULL sized goals.

  2. The surface is 4G Astroturf. Players may wear rubber soled turf shoes or moulded studs. NO SLIDE TACKLES!

  3. Each team may register a maximum of 12 players (7 on the field inc GK)

  4. Age Groups
    Over 35s : all players must be aged at least 35 years on 31st December 2020 - No under age players
    Over 45s : all players must be aged at least 45 years on 31st December 2020 - *1 under age player (Over 40s) and an under age goalkeeper (over 40)
    Over 55s : all players must be aged at least 55 years on 31st December 2020 - *1 under age player (Over 50s) and an under age goalkeeper (over 45)

  5. Players, once registered for a team, cannot play for any other team in the same age category.

  6. Substitutions (max 5 players) may be made at any time from the sub zone near the half way line (Player coming on MUST WAIT for the player to come off before replacing him)

  7. Matches will be 16 minutes straight - no half-time (this may change depending on number of teams)

  8. Points will be awarded as follows: Win 3pts, Draw 1pt, Lose 0pts. An extra 1pt will be awarded to teams scoring 3 or more goals in a match (regardless of result)”

  9. During knock-out matches in case of a draw at full-time, games will go directly to PK (3 each then SD).”

  10. Top 2 teams from each group will go into the Cup, the 3rd & 4th placed teams will go into the plate and 5th & 6th placed teams play for the wooden spoon (this may change depending on number of teams). Ranking by: 1 – Points, 2 – Goal Difference, 3 – Goals scored, 4 Head to Head.

  11. Any players receiving 2 yellow cards or a red card will miss the next match. Any red cards for violent conduct and the player will be ejected from the tournament (Serious offenses may lead to bans in all Footy Japan organized football)

  12. There will be no off-sides

  13. Goal Keepers cannot punt the ball from their hands – either kick from the ground or throw only. (Foul will result in indirect free kick from edge of box)

  14. Teams should ensure they are ready to play in plenty of time for their allotted KO. Failure to adhere to the time will result in a forfeit, with 3 points & 2 goals going to the team that is ready to play.

  15. All matches will be officiated by referees from Footy japan. The refs decision on the pitch is FINAL and no appeal against his decision will be entertained.

  16. Footy Japan KK, Organizers of the Samurai 7's, their officials and agents, accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury caused to participants or players in the tournament. Teams will have signed a disclaimer form in this regard. We strongly advise each player to have adequate insurance cover.

  17. Any questions or complaints should be sent to and they will be dealt with accordingly.