First batch of the ESR FJ cup full of surprises

Announcements - January 26th 2024


Some rain last weekend but fortunantely nothing too heavy to flood the pitches used.

10 cup games were played over the weekend, with various surprising results.

Nomades put up a valiant effort against Hibs but the kings of TML prevailed in a 2-1 victory with both goals scored by the Japanese R9, Kan Ujihashi. Most of the other Division 1 teams won their games comfortably including Pumas and BEFC. However, a shocking turn of events for FC International and YeBoiz FC who lost to division 2 teams. Brunello snagged a 3-1 win over YeBoiz with a pair of goals from Ryo Naito and a goal from the teams number 1 dribbler Reo Oketani. Suns FC prevailed over FC International with goals from their regualar core members, Kazuo Seto, Shota Tamura, Tatsuru Yabe.

The greatest instance of giant killing was most certainly BEFC Lions. They won 4-2 over Lions with Anthony Morcom showing up big with a hat trick. An additional goal from the teams dutch man, Timothy Witvliet was the nail in the coffin for Lions FC.

The last giant killing that occured was division 3 Fussa, who got a free pass due to YC&AC forfeiting. This was not the only forfeit as Sala would end up forfeiting with a lack of players against last seasons champions Panthers. The remaining teams that have made it into the cup are Jetro (winning 2-0 against Shane) and Sagarmatha (winning 5-2 against Albion).

While not a cup game, Kilimanjaro can finally celebrate as they won their first game of this season. Just two more wins and they would be right in the middle of the table! Not all cup games have been played off yet but if the games played so far are any indication of what the future holds, who knows who will make it into the cup and into the plate?!

Full image of tournament layout can be caught here: