Great vibes at the Master 7's tournament

Announcements - November 24th 2023


A great vibe down at YC&AC that hosted the master 7's tournament last weekend. With 5 teams signing up to play over a 2 hour period, each team played each other twice for a total of 8 matches each. Participating teams were: Celts Masters, BFC, YC&AC, Footy Japan and Fine Vintage FC. It was truly wonderful to see so many familiar faces gather and play some football with their mates once again. The pitch was filled with smiles, laughter and banter from the sidelines creating a truly international vibe.

Every team finished the day with winning a few and losing a few. However, it was Footy Japan that came out on top with 5 wins a draw and 2 losses.


Many thanks to the teams, referes and YC&AC for making this tournament possible!