Last round of cup and plate games before the finals!

Footy Japan Cup - May 5th 2024


The ESR FJ Cup and Plate games have had their fair share of upsets and what's left of the rubble are 4 teams in the cup.

The Semi-finals are Eastern Capital vs BEFC on one leg, Zion vs Brunello on the other. The only Division 2 team in the cup semi-finals, Brunello have had an amazing run. Beating Yeboiz (current 2nd place in Division 1) in full time 3-1 and then beating Pumas (current 1st place in Division 1) also in full time 1-0. At this point, they can just call themselves the champions of TML after winning against the two strongest teams!

The only team with some players that have experience winning the cup would be Zion, winning their championship a few years ago against Hibs. BEFC have won a cup years ago where probably none of their current players were playing.

For the plate, we have Yeboiz qualified to the plate finals and are waiting on the opposite leg to finish their games but it will either be Shane, Celts or Nomades that will face them. All teams have not had a plate championship for years so whoever wins will result in a lot of excitement!

The Cup/Plate finals will take place on June 15th at Horisaki koen which is (hopefully) the last weekend for TML fixtures as well. Will definitely be a hot finals in many ways!

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