Quarter Finalists determined for the ESR FJ Cup

Footy Japan Cup - March 26th 2023


The quarter finalists of the ESR FJ Cup and plate have been determined! Some very interesting teams from both sides. Sala and Suns were the only 2 D1 teams that got knocked into the plate and with Suns gone, Sala must be the favorties to win it. Don't count out Clash or Brunello though, both of them are formidable teams when they are on their A-game. On the cup side we have BFC, the only D3 team left. Certainly the underdog that everyone is keenly following. The other team that has certainly gathered a lot of attention is Trust United, who have given the TML teams a taste of what Tokyo-to Division 1, Kanto Division 2 are like. A very promising team to win the cup given their past match results but I am hoping the other teams in the cup stop them. And this is certainly possible with the remaining teams left in the cup (BEFC, Zion, Pumas, YeBoiz, Dutch).
Just three more win the competition but from here on out, there are no easy games!

Image of the table here: